Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s will be added here as questions come up. Feel free to contact me if you can’t find an answer to a question you have!

Q: Why does PRS require grades? What about unschoolers and others who don’t grade their children?
A: Colorado law requires that private school students receive a “Basic academic education”, which includes instruction in specific subjects. To comply with the law, PRS must document in some manner that students are receiving this required instruction. Filling out grades using an online form is a quick and easy alternative to submitting a written summary of what your child has learned. If you don’t normally grade your kids, you can simply list basic core subjects as courses and assign pass/fail for grades. For high school students, letter grades and credits are required because they are included on the student’s high school transcript.

Q: Why does PRS require attendance? What about unschoolers?
A: Colorado law requires that private school students receive 172 days of instruction each year. To comply with the law, PRS requires attendance for all students on a monthly basis. If you are an unschooler, it is up to you to determine which days you wish to report as “attendance” days. The attendance forms are set up to make reporting quick and easy. All weekdays are pre-filled for months September through May, so you only need to remove days you don’t want to count.

Q: Why do you keep referring to private school law? We are homeschoolers!
A: In practical day-to-day life, you are indeed homeschoolers, but PRS is considered a private school under Colorado Law. Once enrolled, your children are legally considered private school students and you are subject to the requirements of the private school law. For more information, read “What is an Umbrella School?”

Q: How do I view and print my child’s high school transcript?
A: To view a student’s transcript, click on “grades” next to the student’s name. From the grades page, click on the “VIEW HS TRANSCRIPT” button. To print, click on “Print Transcript” in the upper right corner of the transcript page.

Q: Can non-credit courses be listed on a high school transcript?
A: Yes, they can.  All high school (grade 9-12) courses are included on the transcript.  To enter non-credit high school course, select “.00” under credits.  This course will now be included on the transcript with no credits and will not affect GPA calculations.

Q: Is there any way to copy attendance for the month to all of my children?
A: Currently, attendance must be submitted separately for each child. An option to apply selections to all of student in a family is in the works for the future.

Q: How can I reach PRS by phone? I don’t see a phone number listed.
A: PRS is a small, home-based business and does not currently have a business phone number. If you have an account on the PRS site, you will find my personal phone number listed on your account page and at the bottom of most PRS emails. I have chosen not to post my number publicly online, but you are more than welcome to call at any time.