High School Credit Approval

High School Credit Approval

PRS reviews all courses and credits submitted for high school students and will notify you if there is any concern about what has been submitted. However, it is the sole responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian to make necessary changes and verify that reported credits will be accepted toward a PRS diploma.

PRS reviews all high school credits entered each semester. The two reasons for the review and approval are to make sure that your child’s transcript will present them the way they wish to future colleges or employers and to allow PRS to confidently issue an official transcript and diploma with PRS administrator’s signature. To avoid any surprises at the end of the semester, you are encouraged to enter credits for approval at the beginning of the year or semester with a grade of “In Progress” so that they can be reviewed and approved ahead of time. If everything looks fine and there are no questions or concerns the credits are approved right away.

If there are any questions or anything seems to have been entered in error, the credits will be marked as pending and you will receive a detailed explanation of anything that needs to be clarified or adjusted. Some reasons for grades to be marked pending are a very high or very low number of credits for a semester, courses assigned to unexpected credit categories (electives, math, science, etc.), or a missing requirement as your child approaches 12th grade. Once PRS is sure that everything is entered the way you want it and the number of credits is reasonable based on your child’s situation, the credits are approved and applied to your child’s official PRS transcript and diploma.

If reported credits fall well outside of the typical range of hours of study and the explanation given does not explain the number of credits submitted, additional documentation may be required to allow PRS to confidently sign off of those credits. PRS will make every effort to approve credits. However, if PRS determines that submitted courses and/or additional documentation do not adequately demonstrate that a student has completed the requirements for graduation the student will not graduate or receive a diploma. In this case, unofficial high school grades may be submitted and the family may transfer these courses to their homeschool and create their own transcript and diploma.

If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s progress toward a high school diploma, please contact PRS for assistance.