⇒ Attendance must be in the system for each of your Attendance Reporting Months as of the 15th of the following month, with a minimum of 172 days of planned attendance reported to maintain enrollment.

Once planned attendance is entered at registration, you are all set for the year. You will not need to submit any additional attendance information or visit the attendance page again unless you wish to make changes.

This requirement protects your child from truancy allegations and protects all students in the school by demonstrating that PRS students recieve the number of days of instruction required by the law. The board of education may request attendance data from PRS as often as once per month. (ref. 22-1-114). Attendance forms must show attendance of at least 172 days per school year to satisfy Colorado law.

Note: If you are registering mid-year, the 172-day requirement is assumed to be met if your records show an average of 18 days per month for the remainder of the year.


⇒ Grades or a Semester Summary must be submitted for fall and spring semesters, no later than January 15th and June 15th.

This requirement protects all students in the school by demonstrating that PRS students receive “basic academic instruction” as required by the law. (ref. 22-33-104). When semester grades are submitted, you will check a box to verify that the required subjects have been covered or will be covered during the school year.

Letter grades are not required for grade levels K-8. For K-8, grades may be reported as Pass/Fail or Excellent/Satisfactory/etc.

High school grades (9-12) must be entered as letter grades corresponding to the grading scale provided. For PRS-approved credits, these grades are used to calculate the student’s GPA and create an official high school transcript. Unofficial high school grades may also be reported without credits if your student does not need a PRS diploma or an official transcript.

The grade entry form provides drop-down menus for entering courses, grades, and credits. You may also add your own course names.

Semester Summary
A semester summary may be submitted in lieu of grades for all K-8 students as well as high school students enrolled under the Cover Only option. A semester summary should include a brief description of what your child has done over the semester, and may include topics studied, projects, activities, and progress and goals in academic and non-academic areas which you consider important to record in their records. The summary is meant to back up your statement that your child has received instruction in the subjects required by law. See examples.


Attendance is verified monthly and grades each semester on the 15th of the month following the reporting period. Any families with missing reporting will receive a reminder via email 5 days before the verification date. If grades and/or attendance are not in the system on the due date, all students in the family will be automatically disenrolled retroactive to the beginning of the period with missing information.

If grades are not reported, disenrollment is retroactive to the beginning of the semester. If attendance is not reported, disenrollment is retroactive to the beginning on the month.

PRS does not ever want to disenroll any family but must enforce the reporting requirements to protect the school and all enrolled students legally. If for any reason, you are not able to submit the required information on time, please contact PRS to make other arrangements.

Families who have been disenrolled due to failure to report may re-enroll within 14 days by paying a “Delinquent Re-enrollment Fee”. After the 14-day re-enrollment period, disenrolled families may re-enroll by paying renewing family tuition. All student reporting records must be updated within 24 hours of payment. Once the missing reporting has been submitted, students will be re-enrolled retroactive to their original disenrollment date.


PRS does not require testing or assessments. If you choose to test, you may upload or record results in your account for each student.  Curriculum information is not required but may be uploaded to student files if desired. Summer grades may also be recorded for students who complete summer courses or families that homeschool year round.