Colorado law requires that private schools (including umbrella schools) have on file current immunization documents for each enrolled student, including either records or exemption for all immunizations required to attend school. If your child is missing immunizations or documentation is not readily available, a non-medical exemption may be submitted to complete enrollment.

PRS Requirements: Immunization documents must be submitted within 30 days of registration to complete enrollment. Once immunization documents have been approved by PRS, students will be enrolled retroactively to their registration date. Logged in users can click here for detailed instruction on How to Submit Immunizations.

Frequency: Current immunization records must be on file to enroll each school year. For returning students with no changes, the records on file with PRS from previous years are sufficient. Non-medical exemptions must be submitted each school year. Medical exemptions only need to be submitted once.

State Reporting: PRS does not participate in the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) and does not share immunization information outside of PRS except as required by law.